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  • FR-A Folding Tire Storage Rack

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    This Folding Tire Storage Rack FR-A is specially designed for storage of Passenger and Light Truck Tires. It comes with a removable second level, which enables you to store tires “stand up” to be more accessible, or interlaced to put more tires on each rack.

    • Easy to lift up and move around with forklift truck or pallet jack
    • Ready to use, no installation required
    • Quickly and simply rearrange your warehouse
    • Designed to stack 3~5 units high to maximum utilize the warehouse space
    • Can be folded down and stacking up to 20 units high to save floor space
    Name Folding Tire Storage Rack
    Item no. FR-A
    Dimensions W1830 × D1270 × H1680
    Loading capacity 1000kg
    Tire capacity PCR 32 pcs or TBR 12 pcs
    40’HQ qty 100 sets

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