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    Pallet shuttle rack is composed of high density storage racking, shuttle and forklift. It provides excellent storage capacity in applications where there is a large quantity of pallets for each SKU. It’s ideal for slow moving or seasonal items. Shuttles can be moved by forklift to different tunnels of racking, one set of shuttle can be used for many racking tunnels. The quantity of shuttle depends on the depth of racking tunnels, goods, lots of goods picking and the frequency of goods picking, Etc.

    • Space utilization rate is 200% higher than Selective Pallet Rack, 30% Higher than Drive-In Rack
    • Loading & Picking speed is 200%~300% faster than forklift truck
    • Can be customized for -30℃ cold storage
    • Ideal for storing similar products on like-sized pallets, or for cooler and freezer applications
    • Designed to store many pallets of the same item that are not age sensitive

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